Nicolet is a brand steeped in the rich tradition and fine art of Swiss Horology. Our brand aspires to create timepieces of impeccable quality, design and craftsmanship at a value both the average consumer and collector alike is quick to recognize and appreciate. 

Our family has been manufacturing timepieces for more than 50 years. We possess the experience, relationships and resources to produce timepieces that will endure for generations to come.

We build timepieces for consumers that understand the value of a product is not measured by the amount of money a company invests in advertising and marketing but in the amount the company invests in building the very best timepiece possible. In doing so we eliminate the obscene costs "big brands" charge through their expensive ad campains, and added markups through their retail partners. Instead we go direct from manufacture to consumer, ensuring you get an amazing Swiss Made timepiece at an unmatched value. One that you will be proud to own and wear for a lifetime.